​The Art Work Shantell Lewis​ 

The artistic talents of Shantell Lewis was discovered at an early age. Through early childhood, Shantell  has won several awards for her art to include 1st place in show at ArtWorks Gallery Call for Entries on November 26, 2016. While residing in Maryland, Shantell opened her first art business, Unique Décor, where she would have showings of her art work in individual’s homes. As a self-taught multi-media artist,  Shantell has always loved drawing and painting the lives of  women.  In 2015, Shantell enhanced her portfolio by creating a collection of collages that were inspired her travels, life and everyday people, “as she sees it”. She enjoys sharing her artistic gift that God has provided her with the world. She is a current member of the Metropolitan Richmond Artists Association.

About the Artist

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"Life itself is as complex as the various pieces of a collage.." - by Shantell Lewis
This quote describes the art work of Shantell D. Lewis. A native of Richmond, VA, her over sized collection of collages on canvas were inspired by her travels, life and the life of everyday people, “as she sees them” in the moment. The mixture of patterns, media and combinations of colors make these collages as striking as the subject matter. Shantell's use of silhouette figures made of various materials in the collages represents the imagery of everyday people. Her style has been compared to the works of her idols Romare Bearden, Ernie Barnes, Charles Searles and Charles Bibbs.